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Exam Review - -read course pack-connecting renaissance and...

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-read course pack! -connecting renaissance and reformation: the writings that lead to each; cause and effect of each on the other; what are people ultimately concerned with -diet of worms: martin luther called before Charles 5 and declared that he would not return to the roman catholic church -henry 8 th had to leave catholic church to start church of England why? -emergence of the modern territorial state since 1500; state because it has a central government, tax system, laws, military, has borders, independent of the officials who hold them -austria up to 18 th century -france up to Louis xiv -russia -the Prince…READ IT!! -how did his leadership views apply to that time period? How do they apply today? How are they used as models for other kingdoms in other nations in the time period we’ve studied? -what specific problems associated with renaissance Italy was Machiavelli trying to solve and how? -how did Philip 2 of spain fail? Did he apply machiavelli’s principles?
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