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IntroSoc-ch. 2 summary - Introduction To Sociology Ch 2...

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09-11-07 Introduction To Sociology Ch. 2 Summary -to produce a valid study of the social world, we cannot approach it solely on the basis of personal experience and perception; rather, we must to so scientifically -science has two main goals: 1.) to describe in detail particular things or events, and 2.) to propose and test theories that help us understand these things or events -like detectives, sociologists want to know “why did it happen?” and “under what circumstances is it likely to happen again?” -the scientific research process involves a sequence of steps that must be followed to produce a valid study -the research process begins by defining the problem -next the researchers attempts to find out as much as possible about previous studies on the same topic -the next step is to develop a hypothesis, or a testable statement about the relationship between two or more empirical variables -hypotheses are tested by constructing a research design, or a strategy for collecting appropriate data
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