IntroSoc-ch. 4 study guide

IntroSoc-ch. 4 study guide - 11-18-07 Introduction To...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-18-07 Introduction To Sociology Study Guide Ch. 4Charles Horton Cooley-Looking Glass SelfBelieved that the self develops through the process of social interaction with others; influenced by family, and peer groups become very important later in life; used the phrase looking glass selfto describe the three-stage process through which each of us develops a sense of self, and it is constructed early in life, remains fairly stable, and that childhood experiences are very important in determining our sense of self throughout our lives; the self is entirely a social productGeorge Herbert MeadPhilosopher and social psychologist; contributed to the school of thought called symbolic interactionism; the self becomes the sum total of our beliefs and feelings about ourselves and is composed of the I and the me; the self develops in three stages-the preparatory stage, the play stage, and the game stage; the self begins to take shape through the social play of children and is well on its way to being formed by the time...
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IntroSoc-ch. 4 study guide - 11-18-07 Introduction To...

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