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11-14-07 Introduction To Sociology Ch. 4 Summary -from infancy to old age, both biology and society play important parts in determining how people develop -unlike other animal species, human offspring have a long period of dependency. During this time, parents and society work together to make children social beings -the process of social interaction that teaches children the intellectual, physical, and social skills and the cultural knowledge they need to function as members of society is called socialization. In the course of this process each child acquires a personality, or patterns of behavior and ways of thinking that are distinctive for each individual -every individual comes to possess a social identity by occupying culturally and socially defined positions -in addition, individuals acquire a changing yet enduring personal identity called the self, which develops when the individual becomes aware of his or her feelings, thoughts, and behaviors as distinct from those of other people -the development of the self is a complex process that has at least three dimensions: cognitive
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