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Unformatted text preview: 11-14-07 Introduction To Sociology Vocab Ch. 4KEY TERMS-socialization-process of social interaction that teaches the child the intellectual, physical, and social skills needed to function as a member of society-personality-the patterns of behavior and ways of thinking and feeling that are distinctive for each individual-genes-inherited units of biological material-sociobiology-an approach that uses biological and evolutionary principles to explain the behavior of social beings-social attachments-must be developed by human infants; must learn to have meaningful interactions and affectionate bonds with others-attachment disorder-unable to trust and to form relationships with others-statuses-culturally and socially defined positions-social identity-the total of all the statuses that define and individual-self-changing yet enduring personal identity-moral order-a shared view of right and wrong-looking-glass self-the three-stage process through which each of us develops a sense of self-me-this proportion of self is made up of those things learned through the socialization process from...
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