IntroSoc-ch. 7 study guide

IntroSoc-ch. 7 study guide - 11-18-07 Introduction To...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-18-07 Introduction To Sociology Study Guide Ch. 7Functions of DevianceOpposition to deviant behavior creates opportunities for cooperation essential to the survival of any group; when social life moves along normally, people begin to take for granted one another and the meaning of their social interdependence, and a deviant act reawakens their group attachments and loyalties because it represents a threat to the moral order of the group; deviance offers societys members an opportunities to rededicate themselves to their social controls; can help teach societys rules by showing what not to doDysfunctions of DevianceIs a threat to the social order because it makes social life difficult and unpredictable; causes confusion about the norms and values of a society; undermines trust; diverts valuable resourcesBiological Theories The first attempts to provide scientific explanations for deviant and criminal behavior centered on the importance of inherited factors and downplayed the importance of environmental influencesSheldon, Hooten, XYY Chromosome Hooten argued that the born criminal was a scientific reality; crime is not the product of social conditions but the outgrowth of organic inferiority;...
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IntroSoc-ch. 7 study guide - 11-18-07 Introduction To...

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