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Unformatted text preview: 11-14-07 Vocab Ch. 8 Introduction To Sociology KEY TERMS -social class-a category of people who share similar opportunities, similar economic and vocational positions, similar lifestyles, and similar attitudes and behaviors -feminization of poverty-the phrase referring to the increasing concentration of poverty among femaleheaded households -distribution of income-the degree to which all earnings in the nation are concentrated -conflict theory-an explanation that says social class arises and persists because those with more wealth and power use their means to enhance their own position at the expense of others -upper-middle class-a US social class characterized by professional and technical occupations and college and graduate school training -poverty index-the US government's specification of income levels below which people are considered to be living in poverty -distribution of wealth-the degree of concentration or spreading out of property and other financial assets -poverty-the condition in which people do not have enough money to maintain a standard of living that includes the basic necessities of life -lower class-a US social class characterized by unskilled labor, little interest in education, grade school completion, service work, and farm labor -working class-a US social class made up of skilled and semiskilled laborers -class system of stratification-a system of stratification that includes several different social classes and permits social mobility -functionalist theory-an explanation for the existence of social classes based on the idea that in order to attract talented individuals to each occupation, society must set up a system of differential rewards -upper class-a US social class characterized by corporate ownership, elite schools, upper-echelon politics, and a higher education ...
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