IntroSoc-ch. 12 study guide

IntroSoc-ch. 12 study guide - Introduction To Sociology...

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Unformatted text preview: 12-16-07 Introduction To Sociology Study Guide Ch. 12Functions of the Family:Regulating sexual behavior, patterning reproduction, organizing production and consumption, socializing children, providing care and protection, and providing social statusRomantic Love and Mate Selection in the US:America is unique in the sense that we strongly believe that there is a compatibility between romantic love and the institution of marriage, and we expect them to coexist. In many of the worlds other societies, romantic love is unknown or seen as a strange maladjustment, and if it does exist, it has nothing to do with marriage. Marriage in these societies is seen as an institution that organizes or patterns the establishment of economic, social, and even political relationships among familiesChanges in US Families:-Marriage Rate-since 1960, the number of marriages and the marriage rate were inflatedbecause the pool of eligible adults kept expanding; overall, marriage rates are down-Cohabitation-unmarried couples living together out of wedlock; has increased dramatically in the past 20 years; US census bureau says an unmarried-couple household contains only twoadults, unrelated and of opposite sexes, with or without children under 15 years-Growing Single Population-although traditionally Americans have been the marrying kind,young people have begun to reject this; many people simply choose not to marry; the elderly make up much of single-person households-Single Parent Families-result from increases in divorce, unmarried births, and unmarried...
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IntroSoc-ch. 12 study guide - Introduction To Sociology...

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