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12-16-07 Introduction To Sociology Summary Ch. 12 -the American family has changed dramatically in the past 35 years -the marriage rate is down, the divorce rate is up, and more children are being born to single women -a household consists of people who share the same living space -sociologists generally agree that some form of family is found in every known human society -the family serves several important functions: regulating sexual behavior, patterning reproduction, organizing production and consumption, socializing children, providing care and protection, and providing social status -no society permits random mating; all societies have an incest taboo, which forbids sexual intercourse among closely related individuals -sex between parents and their children is universally prohibited, but who else is considered to be closely related varies widely among societies -every society must replace its members; by regulating where and with whom individuals may enter into
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Unformatted text preview: sexual relationships, society patterns sexual reproduction-although almost all societies allow for divorce, or the breakup of marriage, none endorses it as an ideal norm-American culture is relatively unique in linking romantic love and marriage-romantic love-which involves the idealization of the loved one, the notion of a one and only, love at first sight, love winning out over all, and an indulgence of personal emotions-has nothing to do with marriage throughout most of the world-marriage in many societies establishes social, economic, and even political relationships among families-three families are ultimately involved in a marriage: the two spouses’ families of origin or families of orientation, the families in which they were born or raised, and the family or procreation, which is created by the union of the spouses...
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