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homework 9-10-07

homework 9-10-07 - placebo This is important because it is...

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Gillian Goodhue 09-10-07 Homework 1.4 (1-5, 7-11 odd, 32) 1.) In a random sample, members from the population are selected in such a way that each individual member has an equal chance of being selected. A simple random sample involves subjects that are selected in such a way that every possible sample of the same size has the same chance of being chosen. 2.) With an experiment, a treatment is being administered to subjects, whereas an observational study involves no treatment or alterations to the subject(s) being studied. 3.) Blinding is when the subject is unaware of whether or not they have been given a treatment or a
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Unformatted text preview: placebo. This is important because it is common for a subject to psychologically feel better when they think they have been given a treatment, even when they have not. *4.) This allows the researcher to distinguish between the effects of the vaccine on men and women separately. *5.) Observational study 7.) Observational study 9.) Prospective 11.) Cross-Sectional 32.) Confounding could occur in a study on whether or not parents’ incomes cause higher student grades....
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