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IntroStat-ch. 1-3 notes

IntroStat-ch. 1-3 notes - Introduction To Statistics Notes...

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09-06-07 Introduction To Statistics Notes Ch. 1-3 -important to focus on interpretation of data and results rather than the actual mathematics -when sample data are collected in an inappropriate way, such as a voluntary response sample , no statistical methods will be capable of producing valid results -statistics can be misused intentionally and unintentionally and can be deceptive -samples can be bad in the sense that the sampling method dooms the sample so that it is likely to be biased, or not representative of the population from which it has been obtained -voluntary response samples that by their nature are seriously flawed include internet polls, mail-in polls, and telephone call-in polls (all participants can choose whether or not to answer) -valid conclusions can be made only about the specific group of people who chose to participate -it is common to incorrectly state or imply conclusions about a larger population - small samples
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