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IntroStat-ch. 1-4 vocab

IntroStat-ch. 1-4 vocab - Introduction To Statistics Vocab...

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09-08-07 Introduction To Statistics Vocab Ch. 1-4 KEY TERMS -observational study -observe and measure specific characteristics, but doesn’t attempt to modify the subjects being studied -experiment -apply some treatment and then proceed to observe its effects on the subjects -experimental units -subjects used in experiments -cross-sectional study -data observed, measured, and collected at one point in time -retrospective (case-control) study -data collected from the past by going back in time (through examination of records, interviews, etc) -prospective (longitudinal, cohort) study -data collected in the future from groups sharing common factors (called cohorts ) -confounding -occurs in an experiment whe you are not able to distinguish among the effects of different factors -placebo effect -occurs when an untreated subject reports and improvement in symptoms -blinding -technique in which the subject doesn’t know whether he or she is receiving a treatment or a placebo -double-blind
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