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IntroStat-ch. 2-3 notes

IntroStat-ch. 2-3 notes - Introduction To Statistics Notes...

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09-11-07 Introduction To Statistics Notes Ch. 2-3 - histograms are very important graphs that depict the nature of distributions -be able to look at a histogram and be able to understand the nature of the distribution of the data -to construct a histogram, you must first construct a frequency distribution table -on horizontal scale, each bar is marked with its lower class boundary at the left and its upper class boundary at the right -more practical to use class midpoint values centered below their corresponding bars than to use class boundaries along the horizontal scale -horizontal scale: use class boundaries or class midpoints -vertical scale: use class frequencies -maximum frequency should suggest a value for the top of the vertical scale (bottom being zero) -horizontal scale should be subdivided in a way that allows all the classes to fit well -a relative frequency histogram should have the same shape and horizontal scale as a
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