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IntroStat-test cheat sheet p2

IntroStat-test cheat sheet p2 - Suppose that a class of 30...

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Suppose that a class of 30 students is assigned to write an essay. 1)suppose 4 essays are randomly chosen to appear on the class bulletin board. How many different groups of 4 are possible? 2.)Suppose 4 essays are randomly chosen for awards of $10, $7, $5, and $3. How many different groups of 4 are possible? Explain the significant differences between problems 1 and 2. A: Problem 1 is a combination, not dependent on order, while problem 2 is a permutation and is dependent on order. The number of oil spills occurring off the Alaskan coast is discrete The pH level in a shampoo is continuous Focus groups of 10 people are randomly selected to discuss products of the Famous Company. It is determined that the mean number (per group) who recognize the Famous brand name is 4.8, and the standard deviation is .73. Would it be unusual to randomly select 10 people and find that greater than 8 recognize the Famous brand name? A: yes because 8>μ+2 σ Choosing 5 people (without replacement) from a group of 59 people, of which 15 are women,
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