ES-ch. 1 questions - 09-10-07 Effective Speaking Ch. 1...

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09-10-07 Effective Speaking Ch. 1 Questions Critical Thinking 1.) Yes, our society automatically assigns greater credibility to some occupations than others. For example, doctors, politicians, lawyers, and celebrities are held in higher regard than educators, those who work in food service, telemarketers, and cab drivers, to name a few. Society tends to think that lower- paying jobs, or those jobs in which very little education or skill is required, are not important in comparison to higher-paying jobs held by highly educated individuals. Society also tends to put people who are less educated, less attractive, and less wealthy on the back burner and gives more credibility to those individuals who went to four or six year colleges and universities, are beautiful, or have a lot of money. 2.) Different types of communication can be immensely different, but are also much alike. Any type of communication involves a speaker, a message, a listener, and context, but these can vary greatly depending on the venue in which they are conducted. In an e-mail, for instance, it is often true that abbreviations and slang terms are used far more than they would be on the phone or in a face-to-face
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ES-ch. 1 questions - 09-10-07 Effective Speaking Ch. 1...

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