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ES-ch. 1 summary - 7 Listeners sttribute ethos or...

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09-05-07 Effective Speaking Chapter Summary- Ch. 1 1.) You need training in public speaking, even in higher education, because of its role in developing your public identity and helping oters work out problems in their communities 2.) Your speech classroom gives you a unique opportunity to practice your speaking skills on a live audience, get feedback from listeners, and become a more critical consumer of oral messages and a more expert critic of speech making generally 3.) There are social, consumer, and intellectual inperatives for studyting public speaking 4.) Orality is central to social life and hence is relelvant to your successes even in a print- and electronically-oriented world 5.) Oral culture is dominated by public communication that is integrative, trdundant, traditionalist, concrete, agonistically toned, participatory, and situational 6.) Speaking is a transaction involving a speaker, listeners, and a message within a context
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Unformatted text preview: 7.) Listeners sttribute ethos, or credibility, to speakers on the basis of their perceptions of the speakers’ good sense, good will, and good morale; in turn, speakers must learn to work within listeners’ moral frames if they’re to succeed 8.) Your first speech should have an introduction, body, and conclusion that develop a main or central idea KEY TERMS-consumer imperative-context-ethics-ethos-feedback-intellectual imperative-interactive process-listener-message-moral frames-orality-personal act-skyhook principle-social act-social imperative-speaker KEY QUESTIONS What are the traditional rules for public talk? What are the expected ways of speaking in specific situations? How do listeners affect the speaker’s message? What role do morals and ethics play in speeches?...
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