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Unformatted text preview: 09-14-07 Effective Speaking Notes Ch. 3-you can’t listen to a message without first hearing it (physiological process of receiving sound waves)-factors that can interfere with this include distracting noises, noises that are too soft, and hearing loss- listening is the thinking process whereby people generate meaning from sound-five barriers of good listening: 1.) passive listening-tuning in and out and losing attention, 2.) drifting thoughts-thinking about other things while waiting for speaker to continue; involves internal perceptual field which is the world of your own thoughts, 3.) physical distractions-elements outside of your thoughts; involves external perceptual field which are those things in your physical environment that may divert your attention from a speaker, 4.) trigger words-words that evoke a memory or feeling and leave the listener stuck on one point of the speech rather than listening to what is presently being said, and 5.) self-fulfilling prophecies-preset ideas or stereotypes that can get in the way of good listening5....
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