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ES-ch. 3 summary - supporting materials 5 The RRA...

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09-10-07 Effective Speaking Chapter Summary-Ch. 3 1.) Both the speaker and the listener are critical participants in the communication transaction. 2.) Hearing is a physiological process; listening is a psychological process by which people seek to comprehend and evaluate sounds. 3.) There are five purposes for listening: appreciative listening, discriminative listening, empathetic (therapeutic) listening, listening for comprehension, and critical listening. 4.) To improve your listening skills sort out the essential aspects of speech content: ideas, structure, and
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Unformatted text preview: supporting materials. 5.) The RRA technique-review, relate, and anticipate-can help you listen more efficiently. 6.) To improve your speech evaluation skills, practice assessing the situation, the speaker, and the message. Key Terms-appreciative listening-critical listening-critical thinking-discriminative listening-empathetic or therapeutic listening-external perceptual field-hearing-internal perceptual field-listening-listening for comprehension-RRA technique...
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