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09-11-07 Effective Speaking Notes Ch. 4 -a culture is a social group’s system of meanings -as your experiences are different than others’, so too are your meanings (ideas, routines, people, etc) -in public speaking, you must learn about the cultural expectations of your audience -you are an individual, but part of your self-identity, and part of others’ perception of you, is socially and culturally determined -must be able to respect individual difference and cultural diversity while simultaneously attempting to get a group of people to think and work together - co-cultures are those that coexist in a society as relatively complete ways of life, while subcultures are smaller groups of people that define their lifestyles at least in part by how they are different from the dominant culture - multiculturalism is the recognition that a country possesses not a unified culture, but one with several subcultures and powerful co-cultures that interpenetrate yet are separate from one another -can’t assume that others will share your background and point of view
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