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09-21-07 Effective Speaking Summary Ch. 5 1.) Public speaking is audience-centered 2.) The primary goal of audience analysis is to discover the demographic and psychological characteristics of your listeners that are relevant to your speech purposes and ideas 3.) Demographic analysis is the study of audience characteristics such as age, gender, education, group membership, and cultural and ethnic backgrounds 4.) Psychological profiling seeds to identify the beliefs, attitudes, and values of audience members
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Unformatted text preview: 5.) Beliefs are convictions about what is true or false 6.) Attitudes are tendencies to respond positively or negatively to people, objects, or ideas 7.) Values are basic concepts organizing ones orientation to life 8.) Audience segmentation allows you to identify audience subgroups for more effective selection of main ideas Key Terms-attitudes-audience segmentation-beliefs-demographic analysis-psychological profiling-stereotypes-values...
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