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ES-ch. 8 summary - 4 In concluding your speech you should...

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09-16-07 Effective Speaking Summary Ch. 8 1.) You can capture and sustain your listeners’ attention by using one or more of the nine factors of attention: activity, reality, proximity, familiarity, novelty, suspense, conflict, humor, and the vital 2.) Introductions should seize attention, secure good will, and prepare and audience for what you will be saying 3.) Types of introductions include referring to the subject or occasion, using a personal reference or greeting, asking a rhetorical question, making a startling statement of fact or opinion, using a quotation, telling a humorous story, and using an illustration
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Unformatted text preview: 4.) In concluding your speech, you should attempt to focus the thoughts of your audience on your central theme, maintain the tenor of your speech, close off (or extend) the relationship built between speaker and listeners, and convey a sense of finality 5.) Techniques for ending a speech include issuing a challenge or appeal, summarizing the major points or ideas, using quotation, using an illustration, supplying an additional inducement to belief or action, and stating a personal intention Key Terms-attention-factors of attention-primacy effect-recency effect...
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