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ES-ch. 11 summary - -flipcharts unveil ideas one at a time...

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10-17-07 Effective Speaking Chapter Summary-Ch.11 -visual aids can boost listener comprehension and memory and add persuasive impact to a speech -there are many types of visual aids: actual objects or props, your own body, photographs, videotapes and films, chalkboard or whiteboard drawings, transparent and computerized overhead projections, graphs, charts and tables, and models -types of graphs include bar, line, pie, and pictographs
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Unformatted text preview: -flipcharts unveil ideas one at a time; flowcharts show the entire process on a single sheet-in selecting and using visual aids, consider the audience and the occasion, find ways to integrate verbal and visual materials effectively, and work on methods to effectively use computer graphics KEY TERMS-bar graphs-charts-flipcharts-flowcharts-graphs-line graphs-models-pictographs-pie graphs-scopic regime-tables-visual aids...
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