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Fahrenhiet 451 - Montag as Pilgrim: Man in Search for...

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Montag as Pilgrim : Man in Search for Meaning in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 The search for truth is more precious than its possession . --Albert Einstein The question is not what you look at , but what you see. --Henry David Thoreau In Fahrenheit 451 , originally published in 1950, Ray Bradbury depicts a future filled with fantastic pleasures and enjoyments for the body , but void of meaning and substance for the soul . This high speed emotionless world is due to the fact that people just “want to be happy” and books are the price that must be paid. Books are viewed as dangerous tools that are only meant to --bewilder men until they question everything and know nothing . This topsy turvy world that we see in Bradbury’s vision was in direct response to the fear that he held of the general yearn and optimism for progress after the devastating effects of World War II .
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Guy Montag , the protagonist of Fahrenheit 451 , is a fireman whose job, is ironically to start fires . Since man has rapidly progressed , fireman (unbeknownst to the common man) switched their prerogative to destroying instead of saving . Books that are highly coveted by some and feared by many are the -- scapegoats of this society’s woes . It all started with a question . “Are you happy?” Clarisse McClellan , a young girl filled with question , inquired such from Montag. This seemingly simple question opened Montag’s eyes to the world around him . Montag (like many people) never truly questioned his existence . He was a fireman and that was that . The world was as it was and no one cared to know why . Only this young girl had the power to
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Fahrenhiet 451 - Montag as Pilgrim: Man in Search for...

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