Robots AI - Artificial Intelligence: The future or the end?...

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Artificial Intelligence : The future or the end? “The wheel needs reinventing, but not just yet.” --Nir Oren Artificial intelligence may be the wave of the future , and an answer to many technological problems . But will it (like many other technological advancements) one day threaten life as it exists on Earth ? The never ending race to better ourselves -will create what we cannot control . In his futuristic yet dismal play R . U . R . , Karl Capek depicts a world where artificial intelligence reigns supreme , and human mentality falters . The proposed fears of robotic rule and human inhalation transpire . The play portrays a world where man has become God , and can now create life. This life being robotic . And as many would assume , the robots do make life better for a time. They replace work forces , and take on the most tedious jobs with such efficiency -that people don’t
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really need money anymore because product prices are close to nothing . On the other hand , robots begin to infiltrate every aspect of life including the army. This wide spreading of robots across the world wouldn’t be a bad thing if they didn’t have a certain glitch . This glitch is a sign of an independent mind within the one that was made for them . Robots begin to revolt against their masters and inevitably destroy the entire human race . The superior intelligence that man afforded the robots in the play R . U . R . is artificial intelligence . Without knowing what he was hinting to , Capek predicted a world where people would create machines capable of not just out thinking humans
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Robots AI - Artificial Intelligence: The future or the end?...

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