tv - may do to the world one day. I decided to use the...

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Who Needs a Television? I decided to make my collage about television and its effect on America. In the United States, television has become the new nanny to children; technology is taking the place of human contact. In my collage I’m trying to convey how television isn’t needed to survive and how we should interact more with human beings instead of the digital world. Television and the technology that it incorporates, corresponds with the idea that technology will inevitably be humanity’s downfall. This is a main concept that runs through many readings from this semester. This can be seen in the play R.U.R. , by Capek, where humans have learned to make life in the form of robots. But, the robots do not want the life that they are subjected to and revolt, killing all humans on earth. This example is a farfetched idea but, it is not that off base with peoples obsession with technology and assumptions of what it
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Unformatted text preview: may do to the world one day. I decided to use the internet to collect my sources for this collage. I found that many of the sources were trying to push newer and better models and advancements onto the consumer without giving them any information that the average person would find helpful. I had to spend more time trying to look through their advertising techniques than actually gathering information. I believe that my collage conveys my thesis that television is chipping away at society. People have to spend less time with mindless entertainment and more time with others in intellectually stimulating environments. This project differed from writing an essay in that I had to spend more time finding graphics to show my ideas rather than using words. Luckily with my major, architecture, I have learned to convey words through graphic representations....
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tv - may do to the world one day. I decided to use the...

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