Count Carbon Along with Calories

Count Carbon Along with Calories - In his Interview Michael...

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Unformatted text preview: In his Interview, Michael Specter talks about the carbon footprint that everything and everyone in the world creates. A carbon footprint being the amount of global warming that a person contributes to in their life. And how people and organizations are trying to lower these levels. A prime example of how we are trying to lower carbon emissions is that of the British food market, Tesco. They are trying to create labels for their products that will tell how much pollutant each item requires to make ,and to get it to the store. This of course is a difficult task because many factors impact these numbers. These include the type of fertilizer used, the amount of land and water consumed, the amount of sun coverage, and what type of gas is used to transport them. Many people think that locally grown food is better for the environmental but this is not always the case. An example of this being that of apples grown in New Zealand. They use less land and more solar and geothermal energy to produce so they are better than an apple grown in the United States...
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