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E-waste has become a major problem in the United States. People are throwing away millions of tons of recyclable materials every year. In response to this many people have begun to lower their use of such materials. Companies like Eco-cycle have started to collect hard to recycle materials as well as traditional recyclables. In part this is a response to the resource wars that are going on today in places that are high in desirable resources. With such high needs for these resources it makes sense to recycle what is already taken from the Earth. Another company that has taken on recycling is That Junk which comes to your house and helps you sort through things to recycle instead of throwing it away. Some cities like San Francisco have decided to ban plastic bags altogether in an effort to reduce waste. This is an example that many other cities across the world are beginning to mimic. In Europe, laws have been passed that require car companies to recycle 90% of an old car to make a new one. Other efforts to lower wastes and boast recycling have been undertaken by the
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