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Professor Nancy Myers English Comp. 1302 Dec. 4 2007 OUTLINE Thesis Statement: Critics have used Death of a Salesman to discuss topics not only related to the business world, but everyday life for the everyday individual. I. Willy Loman is an Icon of Business Culture A. Cultural Impact B. Business World Response C. Modern America 1.Willy used as Icon 2. Examples of real life icons II. Fantasy and Reality
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Unformatted text preview: A. Characters 1. Willy Loman fantasy/reality 2. Negative effects B. Props 1. Flashback 2. Journey and car symbolism 3. Trees and Flute III. Family Values A. Willy Values 1. Ben and effect of 2. Dave Singlemen 3. Values sources B. Biff 1. Values of 2. Affect of Willy’s values IV. Biff’s Love for Willy A. Willy Loman’s death B. Reason for suicide...
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