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November 1 st Transcribed Lecture Notes. (ppt) Course Business Slide (includes reading assignment). (ppt) Review of what we’ve talked about thus far with regard to evolution. o Lists inarguable evidence for evolution. (ppt) So what’s the problem with believing in Evolution?? o Evolution can drive diversity o Artificial Selection (ppt) Creationism and Creation Science o Biblical interpretation as seen in Genesis for explaining biological diversity o SEE SLIDE FOR THE PREMISES BEHIND CREATIONIST BELIEFS (ppt) Intelligent Design o This is a particular form of Creationism o Argues the complexity in nature demands that a higher being created them. (ppt) More editorial comments about Intelligent Design.
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Unformatted text preview: (ppt) Special Clicker Question results are NOT recorded. (ppt) Evolution and ReligionGallop Poll of US public. o US data o Bio Majors o Results of Chi Square analysis indicated that the attitudes towards religion and evolution are statistically different when comparing a Cornell undergraduate with the average US citizen. (ppt) Evolution & Religion o Many people argue that there is NO Conflict between Biology & Religion [Steven J. Gould & many theologians believe this]. o However, there are also those that argue the polar opposite ends of the non-overlapping magistra. (ppt) Summary slide of where we are going next...
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