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WORK CITIED Centola, Steven R. “Family Values in Death of a Salesman .” CLA Journal 37.1 (1993): 12 pp. 22 Nov. 2007 <>. Hadoni, Leah. “Fantasy and Reality: Dramatic Rythym in Death of a Salesman .” Modern Drama 31.2 (1998): 19 pp. 22 Nov. 2007 <>.
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Unformatted text preview: Murphy, Brenda. Willy Loman: Icon of Business Culture. Michigan Quarterly Review 37.4 (1998): 11pp. 22 Nov. 2007 &lt;;. Phelps, HC. Millers Death of a Salesman . Explicator 53.4 (1995): 1pp. 22 Nov. 2007 &lt;;....
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