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November 27 th Transcribed Lecture Notes (ppt) Routine Class Matters (ppt) Example of Ecosystem Alteration o E.g. demonstrates how clear-cutting directly impacts soil nutrient content – loss of nitrogen. (ppt) Eutrophication o Essentially fertilizing an aquatic habitat such that algal and cyanobacteria blooms occur. (ppt) Summary of major terrestrial biomes (NOTE: know these for the final). Today Tropical Forests will be highlighted [make note of their distribution]. (ppt) This slide highlights why tropical forests are so special. [know the points on the slide]. o High biodiversity o Ecosystem services – important components of carbon cycle. o First world countries are often responsible for the hardwood exports from 3 rd world countries in the tropics. o High population growth within these regions o Who is responsible for the protection and management of tropical forests? o Some argue it is up to the countries where the forests are located o The head of Brazil recently stated that 1 st world countries should provide economic incentives to protect forests in the third world. (ppt) Why are the tropics important? o High species diversity o The next series of slides highlight why species diversity is important (ppt) The tropics are an important source for medicinal plants. o
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November27thLectureNotes - November 27th Transcribed...

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