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west hum 101 #3 - Etruscans High status of women, dine with...

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Etruscans High status of women, dine with husbands Used for arch for sewage Toga Looked for signs of the future Superstitious people from signs of animals – livers, flight paths of birds Roman Republic 509 BC to 31 BC (Battle of Actium) Last king overthrown – Etruscans or Latin Established constitution but not written – made it very flexible - 2 consuls military and civil – ruled for one year and voted in yearly Balances society - Senate 300 old men who could not vote elected for life Could advise and say freely b/c could not be taken down Very conservative wanted to maintain status quo - Assembly all the other men 2 classes of citizens Patricians – very wealthy, 5-7% of the population Controlled everything b/c had the money Plebeians – the rest of the population poor people Started to gain power and started a struggle between the 2 classes Law of the Twelve tables – 450 bc 545 plebeians can marry patricians 367 able to be in consul Become priest some time All of this was done peacefully – legally Punic wars – Rome vs Carthage (N. Africa) Cause of war Mythical story of cause Virgil’s Aeneid Need to find a new homeland and sail around finally end up at carthage Meets queen Dido they fall in love – have sex in cave, aeneas has one night stand, gods want him to found rome Dido’s curse making rome needed to destroy carthage and remove the curse – used to for Cleopatra Real reason Control carthage and Sicily control allowing ships into Mediterranean 2 nd Wars Hannibal with elephants over the alps into Italy only had one left after mountains
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west hum 101 #3 - Etruscans High status of women, dine with...

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