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often the experts are asked to testify before

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Unformatted text preview: ngress, and compose bills whether or not they are asked to and send to congresspersons they think will propose it. Wherever there is wiggle room in bureaucracy, interest groups can affect. Interest groups sponsor lawyers and file lawsuits, etc. Interest groups affect every area of govt.; different interest groups might focus on different parts of the govt. Briefs have very precise rules... interest groups often give these to court to express their opinions. What determines the success of an interest group? Often the size is a factor. When you represent millions of people who have paid lots of money, legislators are often scared into listening. Members should be politically active, care about the issues, read the literature, vote religiously, are wealthy and donate lots of money. Who are you representing? Much easier to represent old folks than criminals. Also better if they can afford former members of congress as lobbyists. Ideology Ideologies core political beliefs from which policy can be derived. Major American ideologies: modern liberalism vs. modern conservatism. Liberals want big govt., conservatives little govt. Except when it comes to military or laws such as what you are legally permitted to do. Conservatives see right and wrong in black and white, liberals have more gray area. Voters Voter turnout percentage of eligible voters that vote; different from percentage of registered voters who vote. Been dropping despite more people in the South voting between blacks and whites in response to blacks. Reasons: Requirements of registration. One day in middle of week; bad hours. Many elections for different things. Nature of 2 party system. Don't trust people in govt. Less strong party identification (up in 90's, steadily declined since 60's) Significant drop when 26th Amendment passed. Gave 18-21 yr. olds right to vote but none did. Downloaded from: POL1040ZilNotes1.pdf Page 10 of 10...
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