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Notes Entire Semester1-2

Part is fed govt is interested in is getting

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Unformatted text preview: ed in is getting reelected. Also doing something for public policy in accordance w/ their beliefs. Accomplish both things in those ways. Grants look good so helps them get reelected, and does things they believe in. means fed govt. not have to grow. Federalism is good because local govt. will actually mean something, Federalism has downsides, as 1) states and cities and what not don't just sit back and wait for central govt. to tell them how to use the money, but have people who lobby, which takes hundreds of millions of dollars out of tax money. Arms race so that they don't lose money that other states are lobbying for. 2) Obviously there're multiple levels of bureaucracy, and that's a problem. Were there a unitary govt., we'd save a lot of money in these areas. 3) As it is states spend tremendous money luring businesses. If a company wants to open a branch in Manhattan or Newark, either one, those cities/states will be fighting for the business to move in there. More often, blah blah blah. One problem w/ economic deficiency: amount of money spent in this country for lawyers and judges and referees and court personnel etc. who do nothing but lobby. Congress Feb 20 Congress is legislative body, which makes it very different than parliaments in other countries. Six categories of things congress does, first is lawmaking. British parliament does pass laws, and represents constituents, but does not really MAKE the laws. 1) Lawmaking 2) Represents people 3) Engages in appropriation, decides where money is spent (raise and spend) 4) Oversight - congress monitoring the spending of money 5) Investigation? 6) Engages in constituent service helping individual constituents 7) Missing one? Descriptive (sometimes called demographic or sociological) representation does it look like the people it represents? Downloaded from: www.yumesorah.com POL1040ZilNotes1.pdf Page 3 of 10 POL 1040H American Politics Professor Zilber Spring 2003 Notes Entire Semester Substantive representation does he actually represent what the people want? Not as separable as many think. Congress, senate in particular, predominantly white middle to upper class Anglo-Saxon protestant male. Can a person who doesn't look like his constituents adequately represent them? Delegate model of representation: delegates are people who make an attempt to do exactly what the constituents want. Trustee model of representation: trustees trust themselves because they feel the constituents have elected them because they trust them. Nobody fits perfectly in either category. Nobody doesn't care at all what constituents think, and congressmen cant always find what people think on every of the thousands of issues they vote on. Feb. 25 There are special groups who are experts in certain areas and they get to debate in that area and then confer their knowledge and decisions to everyone else. The average bill goes to committee and stays there, never going to the floor for debate or vote. If committee overwhelmingly supports, th...
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