hum 111 - NON-WESTERN Egypt ruler was a god Magic was big...

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NON-WESTERN Egypt ruler was a god Magic was big influence but not science Egypt stayed same for about 3000 years West Democracy Gods in human form Greece moved forward over time Lithic - stone Paleo-early Meso-middle Neo-new Paleolithic-Early Stone Age 5million to 8000 BC Ice age- 70,000 -12,000 BC cold, glaciers-huge, mile high, took up so much water that it lowered sea lvl 300 ft People lived on shore so when melting people had to move inland GB-Europe connected N. America-Russia connected Hunted in groups to take town huge animals such as wooly mammoth used every part of animals Bones used for shelters also used caves for shelters, lived at mouth of caves and paintings are toward back Had fire from striking stones against each other while making tools saw sparks and put brush/flammable stuff close to it also had smoke holes Used animal fat w/ wick for a lamp Early activity was making art-more significance than modern art Art used to deal with difficult circumstances such as thunder used to control outside forces such as nature and animals Art used to differentiate people/groups to not look like other people body piercing Carved figurines “Woman of Willendorf” very small 4 ¼ inches tall, portable to show how people were nomadic Needed strong women to survive child birth also needed children to not die in infancy men also died while in combat and need to procreate to keep tribe up and going Liked bigger women b/c showed they have food and well off Goes back and forth showing if there is enough food or not enough Pale skin used to show didn’t work and dark showed work in field Women held high up in society b/c they can have children- made into goddesses Greek merged w/ women goddesses Humans only made art; chimps/birds make tools also When saw calcium deposits over cave painting though it was real even though thought at start that it wasn’t created long ago Painting in back of cave and thought for ritual practices b/c hard to get in back and no sign of living there Used to practice hunting and fathers teach sons Had symbolic hunt before real hunt, thought to capture spirit so it can be killed the next day Some thought shamans eats plant and hallucinate and paint what they see Most animals are bulls on paintings, bull represents power and kingship Though men were the original painters but now think that women might have painted while the men were hunting to be symbolically hunting with the men
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hum 111 - NON-WESTERN Egypt ruler was a god Magic was big...

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