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METHODS To begin, label four plant labels as A, B, C, and D. Take the quad and place one wick inside each section. The wick should have the point sticking out of the bottom of the quad to enable the wick to be saturated with water to water the plant. This should be done in to all four sections of the quad with the four wicks. Each section of the quad should be filled half-way with potting soil. On top of the potting soil place two fertilizer pellets, then place more potting soil until each section of the quad is almost full. With your finger poke a hole into the potting soil and place two Brassica Rapa seeds; this should be done to each section of the quad.
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Unformatted text preview: Fill the remaining space in the quad with Vermiculite. Place the one plant label in each section of the quad, there should be on in each section. Fill a Tupperware container with water and place the quad on top of the container. The wicks should be able touching the water. This will be how the plant is watered. Place the plant under a Fluorescent light. This procedure should be repeated with the remaining to quads. One quad should be placed under a green light and the other should be placed under a blue light. Fill the pipette with water and add two drops to each section in each of the three quads....
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