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journal 5 - large women’s rights platform My boyfriend...

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-1 Journal Entry: 10/4/07 Suzannah Bloom Conversation I had with my boyfriend. The other day I was with my boyfriend and some of his male friends. We were hanging out and I, some a sly remark poking fun at something he had said. His rebuttal was “Go get back in the kitchen where you belong!” Of course the entire conversation was meant in fun, but it had a deep-rooted meaning. His statement not only stated that a woman’s place is in the kitchen/home, it trivialized a very
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Unformatted text preview: large women’s rights platform. My boyfriend says things like that because he knows I feel very strongly about women’s rights in society. Him, by making like of an issue that women fight so hard against implied that a woman’s true place in society is in the home, and trivialized the importance of fighting against it in our society....
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