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-1Suzannah Bloom 10/11/07 Ad in Cosmopolitan Magazine The ad is for a fragrance called CKin2U. The photograph is of a man approaching a woman sexually and holding her hair. The woman, shorter than him, appears to be cowering against a wall, her arm crossed over her vaginal area, her and clenched in a fist. The expression on her face is blank and her eyes are half-closed. The text reads “two fragrances. One for him. One for her.” This ad, implies that women should be dominant
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Unformatted text preview: to men sexually, for the sedated expression on the woman’s face shows that even though she tried to stop the male form approaching her, submission is inevitable. The caption implies that there are two “fragrances” for men and women, the “fragrance” for men: dominance, the “fragrance” for women: submission....
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