AIDS Mid-term Study Guide

AIDS Mid-term Study Guide - AIDS Mid-term Study Guide...

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AIDS Mid-term Study Guide Introduction -AIDS: syndrome, not a disease (die from opportunistic infection) -Naming the disease: *4-H Disease *Gay Pneumonia *GRID- Gay related immune deficiency *Gay Compromise Syndrome *A.I.D.S. --> AIDS -Defining the Diagnosis: *1982: cellular immune dysfunction with common exposure “infectious” *1993: T-cells below 200 -History: *1980: “something odd” noticed in hospitals *1982: first definition *1983 isolated the AIDS virus *1991-92: peak of people dying (mostly 5-H’s) *1993: re-defined AIDS and HIV for maximum benefits (cases increased) *1996-97: Anti-viral meds on the market *2000: feared another wave b/c no longer only high risk groups *2001: 30% new infection heterosexual women (NE and SE; Af.Am. and Latinas) -4 “H’s”: Homosexuals, hemopheliacs, Hatians, heroin addicts (and hookers=5-H’s) *neglected blood transfusions since 1975 and babies infected in utero -Randy Shilts—journalist who wrote “And the Band Played On” -Joel Weisman, Micheal Gotlieb—Dr’s that noticed strange things in gay patients in LA -Opportunistic Infections: “bugs” normally kept in check (occur with weakened immune system) *CMV: in herpes family; wide spectrum of disease, spread thru saliva, sex, urine… *PCP: (common fungus) in lungs, fever, dry cough; damages lungs, no treatment *Epstein-Bar: mono *KS: cancer; swelling of face and mouth; pain, spreads to lungs, liver, spleen, feet *Candidiasis: (thrush) yeast infection of the mouth *Brain lesions: CNS toxoplasmosis (caused by undercooked meat or infected cat feces) *Hepatitis B: with case study of patient 0, transmission of HIV looked like that of Hep-B -HIV Infection: T-4 cells decrease, T-8 cells increase -History of Global Epidemics (role of fear ignorance) -Target groups (most likely to be infected): youth, minority women, drug users -AIDS quilt: education; to spread awareness -National AIDS day: December 1 st -National HIV testing day: June 27 th -New HIV infections in U.S.: 40,000 people each year -By age 30, 8-13% of MSM ages 17-24 have HIV in major urban cities -World Health Organization: prevent, support, and link people to info and treatment -Montagnier vs. Gallo: *Montagnier: French scientist, thought LAV virus *Gallo: studied feline leukemia (HTLV) isolated “HTLV III virus” *HTLV-III and LAV later became known as HIV virus -Duesberg: doesn’t believe HIV causes AIDS -Evidence that HIV causes AIDS: -Koch’s postulates: how we find cause and effect (pass all four, proves causation)
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1. The microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease, but not in healthy organisms. 2. The microorganism must be isolated from a diseased organism and grown in pure culture . 3. The cultured microorganism should cause disease when introduced into a healthy
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AIDS Mid-term Study Guide - AIDS Mid-term Study Guide...

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