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Unit 3 questions - Lauren Dlugosz T-TH 9:30 February 15,...

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Lauren Dlugosz T-TH 9:30 February 15, 2007 Unit #3 Questions 1. What are the prevalent images that Americans have of older people? The main outlet from which Americans pull stereotypes is the media. In the American media, people over age sixty-five seem to be absent. When older actors are actually featured in either movies, television, or advertisements, they are, in general, older cast into roles that feather them being silly, stubborn and eccentric. Older cast members are regularly lumped into three general categories—the sweet old lady, the mean old man, or the irritable but lovable grandfather. If an older person is ever featured in an advertisement, he or she must act and look as though they are youthful and healthy. Commonly, older women are displayed as naïve gossips that are always sentimental. These images are linked to older people in Americans’ minds and they become stereotypical images. These unrealistic stereotypes lead to the poor treatment of older people, and to the fears that Americans have of becoming old, which is discussed in the next question. One example of a stereotype that Americans have of older people is that they are all bad drivers. Although we can admit that there are older people who are bad drivers, we much also admit that there are younger people who are bad drivers! When an accident occurs, an older adult, rather than the accident being viewed as just that—an accident—it is viewed as a loss of functioning, even though that may not be the case. The older person must now have to worry about losing his or her license, when a younger person would merely have to worry about an increase in insurance costs. In the workforce, it is common for people to believe that once an employee reaches the
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Unit 3 questions - Lauren Dlugosz T-TH 9:30 February 15,...

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