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Exercise 1 - accurately measure the solution 5.1659g 6 The...

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(Trey) James Lyons UTEID: jal3224 51325 Exercise 1: Analysis 1. 2.02%-60mL 2%-4mL 2. a. .28g b. 5.6e-2g 3. a. The measurements were so small, the percent error in weighing would have surpassed any miscalculations due to not calibrating. b. A top-loading balance could be used, but an analytical balance would be preferred because it would be more accurate. 4. I would use the automatic pipetter (1mL-10mL) and a 20mL test tube to
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Unformatted text preview: accurately measure the solution. 5. .1659g 6. The concentration increased to 1.25 M so an automatic pipetter was no longer necessary as it was with the smaller volumes because a .1 or .2 difference does not affect the outcome much with a1.25 M solution, but with the smaller values it might. 7. 40.88g NaCl 8. 2mL ATP 9. a. .4469 M b. 10.62% error...
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