Exercise 4 - Bigger cells Characteristics best shown in stained Cell parts(when transparent When low concentration of cell(i.e white blood cell

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James (Trey) Lyons 51815 Exercise 4: Analysis 1. This graph represents the density of a population and the increase it has over a particular time (t). 4. The growth rate constant seems to be about .5 OD per min with a limit around .46 5. The V. Natriegens exponential growth doubled in about 36 minutes. 6. The V. Natriegens took a little more that 14 minutes before exponential growth began. 7. Characteristics best shown in Non-stained: Cell parts (when not transparent) High concentration (with or without overlapping) See original state
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Unformatted text preview: Bigger cells Characteristics best shown in stained: Cell parts (when transparent) When low concentration of cell (i.e. white blood cell) Good for smaller cells Great for overlapping cells 8. Advantages of counting in 12-minute intervals: Able to double task Simpler less tedious procedure Possibly better environment (safe) Safer without contamination Cheaper Advantages of counting with a microscope: More precise Learning experience Lower cost in procedure (not man power) 9. Attached....
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