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Sarah Stewart Fridays 9-1 James Lyons Jal3224 Exercise 6: Analysis 1. A663=.809 A645=.670 Chlorophyll [ ]=.670 (.02) + .809 (.008) Concentration = .019872 mg/mL 2. C1 = .019872 mg/mL V1 = .1mL V2 = 10mL C1 x V1 = C2 x V2 .019872 mg/mL x .1 mL = C2 x 10 mL C2 = .00199 mg/mL 3. a. [(A663) x (.013)] - [(A645) x (.0027)]=mg Chl a/mL [(.809) x (.013)] - [(.670) x (.0027)] = .008708 mg/mL b. [(A645) x (.023)] - [(A663) x (.0047)]=mg Chl b/mL [(.670) x (.023)] - [(.809) x (.0047)]= .011608 mg/mL 4. (Answer #1) - (Answer #3a.) = mg Chl b/mL (.019872 mg/mL) - (.008708 mg/mL) = .011164 mg/mL 5. [mg Chl a]/[mg Chl b] = [.008708mg/mL] / [.011608 mg/mL] = approximately 3mg Chl a / 4 mg Chl b (exactly .750192 mg Chl a per every 1 mg Chl b) 6. Since the Beta-carotene rises the highest by sweeping away lipids, therefore it
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Unformatted text preview: is the most soluble, then chlorophyll a, and least soluble is chlorophyll b. This also tells us about polarity, which is just the opposite. Beta carotene moves faster because it is less polar than chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b respectively. 7. Through the ion-exchange chromatography portion of the lab I discovered hycoerythrin is the more negatively charged solution because when the two solutions are compared, the deviation from the net negative charge of the base line shows the net negative charge taken of phycoerythrin is much larger than that of the phycocyanin. This may also be noticeable on the charts provided that we made in class or the charts provided by the lecture notes online. 8. Graphs attached...
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