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Comparative Ethnic Studies 101 Spring 2007 Josue Q. Estrada Guide Questions for Mid-Term Exam : The total points on the exam will be 100. Part 1 : You must define 15 vocabulary words and explain there significance in relation to our class. This section will be work 30 points. Part 2 : You must answer 2 out of the 7 question provided below. Each question will be work 35 points. 1. Write an essay that discusses the relationship between culture and power . In this essay, explain the definitions of culture that we talked about in class, the relationship of culture to identity, the meaning of “social construction” (using 4 scholarly perspectives), and the relationship of all this to power. 2. In an essay, define and explain the ideology of individual meritocracy as a dominant way of thinking in American society and as a principal basis for what it means to be an “American.” Also, describe its historical origins and provide a critique of it by specifying an alternative ideology that was proposed out of the debates between Prof. Glazer and Prof. Takaki.
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