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Memory of Two Mondays Review - Works of Arthur Miller A...

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Works of Arthur Miller: A Memory Of Two Mondays (1955) A Memory Of Two Mondays (1955) Characters Bert. An eager, good-natured boy of eighteen, working in an auto-parts shipping room to save enough money to go on to college. Raymond. The neat, slightly stooped manager, aged forty, who is concerned primarily with the efficient operation of his shipping room. Agnes. A kindly, sympathetic spinster, who laughs easily. Patricia. A flirtatious young assistant, who chatters about her dates and has an eye for Larry and Larry's new car. Gus. A raucous, husky Slavic packer, in his late sixties, who enjoys a strenuous drinking bout but suffers deep remorse over having neglected his invalid wife. Jim. a bespectacled elderly worker, who accompanies Gus on his wild sprees but maintains a dignified air. Kenneth. a recent Irish immigrant, who quotes snatches of poetry, objects to off-color talk, and fears that poverty may at last induce him to bury himself in the Civil Service. Larry. A personable, rather worried auto-parts expert, nearly forty, who wants to take Patricia driving in his dream car, an Auburn with beautiful valves. Frank. A sturdy, matter- of -fact young truck driver, who seems mainly interested in making calls upon women who welcome him to various parts of the city Jerry and William. Two rather impudent young workers, nattily attired, who are given to smart, cynical witticisms that irritate the others. Tom. A slim, graying family man, who alarms loyal co-workers by coming to work so intoxicated as to risk being discharged. Mechanic. A customer in search of a rarely available auto part that only the knowledgeable Larry is able to locate. Mr. Eagle. The shrewd, well-dressed boss, in his forties, who gives Tom a second chance with astonishing results. Setting
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This short piece takes place in a rather grimy New York auto-parts warehouse shipping room during the Depression years. The set is supposed to appear both musty and disorderly, and at the same time somewhat strange and romantic. Although two different Mondays , perhaps a year apart, are described, there is no complete break in the action. The time lapse is suggested by a few poetic lines and by changes in the lighting. Plot Analysis Bert and the manager, Raymond, are the earliest arrivals at the shipping room on the first Monday, Bert, eighteen and ambitious, reads War and Peace on the subway and dreams of going to college. Most of his co-workers, however, seem rooted for life in their present routine jobs. As the others come in, certain relationships are established. Young Patricia, a coquette who will flirt with anyone except leering old Gus, has apparently shown some interest in Bert. She also, however, listens with obvious interest when the married, good-looking Larry talks of buying a new, smooth-running Auburn. The
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Memory of Two Mondays Review - Works of Arthur Miller A...

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