Discussion CHLOROPHYLLL - Discussion The procedure of the...

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Discussion The procedure of the experiment had some parts that could have been improved. One place was the use of liquid nitrogen to cool and break the fresh spinach up into bits. Besides the fact that a blender may have been more convenient and is used in many experiments involving chlorophyll extraction from a plant source, the liquid nitrogen also caused the beakers to become very cold and to break easily. The column purification was also problematic in some ways, and perhaps a better packing material or a more rigorous preparation of the column would have removed the problems with air bubbles and uneven rates of elution. Despite these shortcomings, the possible presence of small amounts of chlorophyll b in the solution did not seem to affect measured values of the absorbances or calculated rate constants, based on an informal survey of students’ values. The HP-8453E Spectroscopy System was reliable overall, giving spectra which did not vary appreciably in different test runs of the same substance. One possible improvement to this infrared spectrometer would be the ability to take spectra more quickly, but doing so without
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Discussion CHLOROPHYLLL - Discussion The procedure of the...

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