Politcs Essay #1

Politcs Essay #1 - Politics is viewed as the dynamic...

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Unformatted text preview: Politics is viewed as the dynamic between power, principle, and process. Principle and process are the keys to the democratic and republican visions. The republican vision creates the process to keep the principles of democracy safe from being corrupted by the government. Although democracy can be defined as something “of the people, by the people, and for the people”, because democracies today are so large, it is inevitable that some members of a democracy will be exploited (Lincoln). This is due to the nature of capitalism, and stemming from capitalism is the formation of different classes of people, some more powerful then others. In an effort to rid the democracy of these superior classes, the republican vision lays down the process by which the all of the classes are controlled. Not only does it attempt to control the people, the republican vision separates the actual government’s powers so that no branch can ever become too powerful. The republican vision balances the power, and the democratic vision brings the principles of equality. There is one main criticism of democracy, which is that is divides society into different classes, one more powerful than the other. Karl Marx believed that society was divided into two classes, the bourgeois, the superior class, and the proletariat, the inferior class. These two classes rise out of the idea of capitalism, which is the basis for the most successful democracies today, the most prominent being the United States. The bourgeois “sprouted from the ruins of feudal society” and through the modern industry “the bourgeois developed, increased its capital”, and all the while continued to exploit the proletariat (Marx). The proletariat was enslaved by the bourgeois, because the bourgeois only gained more power by virtue of the capitalistic society. Furthermore, the proletariat, only gained more power by virtue of the capitalistic society....
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Politcs Essay #1 - Politics is viewed as the dynamic...

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