Politics Essay #2

Politics Essay #2 - 1 The policy problems posed by SUVs are...

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and liberty, and in the methods of reaching these goals, through facts and inducements. The major difficulty of creating and enforcing policies regulating the building and driving standards of SUVs is that the automotive industry is such an important part of the United States’ economy. Individual companies, like General Motors, contribute great portions of their profit to congressmen. Certain members of congress have no choice but to vote in favor of “pro-SUV” policy like keeping strict safety regulations away, in the fear that they will lose funding. The security of the entire population is threatened every time an SUV leaves the driveway. Not only are other cars on the road in danger, but the SUV owner themselves are at great risk of being injured in an accident. The liberty to drive an SUV infringes upon other freedoms to clean air, and going back to the idea of security, a safer road to drive on. In essence, SUV owners give up better security to drive their “tanks” around. Furthermore, even though it was proven that SUVs were causing more deaths than any other vehicles on the road, car companies were able to pick and chose which facts on death rates and car sales, to tell customers in order to portray their SUVs in a positive light. Finally, inducements presented by the government proved to work in some cases to get the automotive industry to make safer cars, but at the same time, could not even keep the from producing less SUVs or even safer ones. Car companies are able to get away with quite a few things when it comes to safety regulations imposed on SUVs. Deborah Stone claims that the problem with security is that “the central issues are what kind of security government should attempt to provide.” 1 In the issues surrounding SUVs, the United States government avoided imposing regulations on SUVs because the government knew their attempts would be futile. 1
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Politics Essay #2 - 1 The policy problems posed by SUVs are...

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