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Caitlin Grossman HIST 80Y; Xiaoping Sun April 30, 2007 All for One, and One View for All War propaganda has been manipulating the views of the onlookers at home for centuries. The message is a simple one, “they” are evil, and “they” must be stopped. But where is the line drawn between what the civilians at home are told, and what really happens on the battlefield? In E.B. Sledge’s account of his experiences on Okinawa, he and his fellow marines were more times that not, sympathetic towards the Okinawa civilians, and even the soldiers. At the same time, on the home front in the United States, the Japanese were depicted as vermin to be exterminated before they managed to creep into every corner of the globe. Similar accounts of propaganda were shown to the Japanese civilians. American soldiers were drawn as demons, and the Japanese were taught that they were “pure breed” children of the Emperor. However, Japanese soldiers treated their own people with a senseless brutality. Not only that, but many Japanese civilians did not even believe that the “western” invaders were horrible and deserved to be sent back to the depths of hell from whence they came. The Japanese government pushed the view that the American and British invaders were victimizing Japanese people. Images, like the ones of Franklin D. Roosevelt with his face made up of various forms of artillery appeared in all forms of Japanese media. Ota Masahide even recalls learning in school that “[the Japanese] were a ‘pure culture’”, untainted and able to save East Asia from the oppression of westerners (Cook & Cook, 459). Because the Japanese were a “pure culture”, they believed they were above all other
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cultures, including the Americans. This implied that it was the duty of Japan to right the
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Essay#1 - Caitlin Grossman HIST 80Y Xiaoping Sun All for...

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