Prozac Nation - Caitlin Grossman Writing 2 Archimedes Prozac and You We have all heard of it Prozac the drug saving millions of people from

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Caitlin Grossman Writing 2; Archimedes May 19, 2007 Prozac and You We have all heard of it, Prozac, the drug saving millions of people from depression every year. Do any people get worse from taking Prozac? This is a good question. My very own brother, Andrew took Prozac during his freshman year of high school. The drug, at the time, was much needed; Andrew had severe depression issues that were not obvious to everyone. At home he would scream at my parents, tell them that they ruined his life. Andrew threw things at me, yelling at me that I too played a part in the downward spiral of his life. But soon after Andrew started taking Prozac, it was as if he was the “normal” boy my family knew and loved. For the most part, the year went on as any other year in the Grossman family household, but as the middle of the school year came, my brother’s sanity left. Andrew was worse than before he had taken the Prozac. He pushed all his friends away so at school, he had no one. He resorted to playing video games for happiness, and befriended the other boys who played Playstation 2 online. By the end of the year, Andrew was failing most of his classes, and considered “just ending it all”. My parents, not his therapists, decided to take him off of Prozac, and he started to recover from what seemed to be a hopeless state. He even told me recently that he feels better now, than when he was on the Prozac. 1
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Despite the belief of the masses in America, Prozac can be a very dangerous drug that can alter the state of mind in very negative ways. As my family learned with my brother, perhaps relying on a drug was not the way to handle depression. Depression is a difficult diagnosis in the first place, especially today. Not much is known about depression, and the best possible way to treat it, and no drug companies or independent researchers care enough to find out. As Prozac continues to drive the population the becoming docile, it also drives people to suicide. But how does Prozac make it into the hands of the consumer? It is similar to the way genetically modified foods make it to our mouths, corporations have the power to bottle the sever side affects of their products. In this way, over four million Americans today are taking, or have taken Prozac, and are not fully aware of its side affects. Depression has been an issue world wide since “the medical model” came to be. The medical model was created around the 1600s, and is still used today to explain how a disease infects human beings (Leventhal and Martell, 3). By applying the medical model to depression, this not only classifies depression as a disease, but implies that there is a cure to depression. In the past 20 centuries, even before Christ, curing depression meant extracting the disease by drawing excessive amounts of blood from suffering patient. Today, it is the popular belief that depression is caused by chemical imbalances in
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Prozac Nation - Caitlin Grossman Writing 2 Archimedes Prozac and You We have all heard of it Prozac the drug saving millions of people from

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